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Victoria Point Veterinary Hospital
7-15 Bunker Road
Victoria Point
QLD 4165

07 3207 8023

Puppy preschool 

Our puppy school runs on Tuesday nights, to help teach you how to train your new family member. The four classes over four weeks also provide fantastic opportunities to socialise your new addition in a safe, controlled environment. Phone now to book!

Nurse consultations 

Book a complimentary dental check, or puppy or kitten exam, with one of our senior nurses. Get advice on preventative health for your pet

Drop off consultations 

Busy? Leave your pet with us for their examination while you take care of other business, shop, or even take in a movie!

Tailored Vaccination protocols 

We use special puppy vaccinations which allow your new family member to be fully vaccinated – and fully protected – at an earlier age. For adult dogs, we offer and recommend special, long lasting parvo vaccinations, with a program tailored to offer best protection with least stress to your dog. We tailor your cat’s vaccination protocol to his lifestyle – basic flu vaccinations for indoors cats, with feline AIDS vaccinations for those cats venturing outside.


We know this is routine for us, but a big deal for you! We use the safest anaesthetic protocols, with modern monitoring equipment and superior pain relief for your pet. All our speys and dog castrations go home with an Elizabethan collar and oral pain relief medication, to ensure their recovery is rapid and smooth.

Royal Canin Loyalty Program

Purchase your premium quality Royal Canin food with us and take advantage of our loyalty program - Buy 10 Get 1 Free


From preventative dental care, to routine cleans under anaesthetic, to surgical extractions and oral surgery, we can keep your pet’s mouth healthy. Ask us about our special dental treatment packages.

Senior health consultations 

Book your senior pet for a health assessment – comprehensive physical examination, blood testing and urine testing to make sure any health issues are detected and managed as early as possible, keeping you senior pet hale and hearty.

Diagnostic X-ray and ultrasound 

We have state of the art equipment to aid in managing your pet’s health problems

In house pathology testing 

We have modern diagnostic laboratory equipment here in the hospital, for routine screening programs and rapid diagnosis and treatment of medical problems


Dr Kath has extensive experience in chemotherapy protocols for those unfortunately common cancers in family pets

Orthopaedic Conditions and Surgery 

Dr Ross is one of the most experienced general practice orthopaedic surgeons in Brisbane, undertaking a comprehensive range of fracture repairs; cruciate repairs including traditional deAngelis and modern TTA surgeries; and patella surgeries. Dr Ross was the first veterinary surgeon in Brisbane to perform stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis. He is accredited to carry out PennHip X-rays to assess dogs for hip Dysplasia. Book your consultation with Dr Ross today to determine the best management plan for your pet’s orthopaedic condition.

Soft tissue surgery 

Dr Kath and Dr Ross both have extensive experience in soft tissue surgery, including: major abdominal surgery; cancer surgeries; surgery for brachycephalic airway disease; perineal hernias and urethrostomies; ear canal surgeries; wound management and reconstruction and more.

PennHip X-rays 

Dr Ross is accredited to carry out Penn Hip X-rays, a unique way of assessing dogs for hip dysplasia.

Stem cell therapy 

Dr Ross has extensive experience with stem cell therapy in dogs for osteoarthritis. Stem cell therapy can compliment traditional surgical and medical therapies for this debilitating condition.

AQIS accreditation 

Dr Kath is able to help with preparing your dog or cat to move overseas