Puppy Preschool

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Victoria Point Veterinary Hospital
7-15 Bunker Road
Victoria Point
QLD 4165

07 3207 8023


Get your puppy off to the right start with our Puppy Preschool classes, a four week course held on Tuesday evenings between 6-7pm.

Cost: only $120

Just like children, puppies between 8-16 weeks of age are most receptive to learning new things, like basic puppy training and their best doggy manners.

At Puppy Preschool, we teach YOU how to teach your puppy. We work on basic commands during the classes, and you can use your new teaching skills and continue training your puppy at home. We help you understand your puppy's behaviour and how they interact with your family, other dogs, and other people. Our Puppy Preschool allows your new family member to socialise with other dogs and people in a safe environment. We are happy to assist with advice on all aspects of puppy care.

Call Victoria Point Vet Hospital today to book your new addition into our next class.